On the last night before the end of our Bike and Build trip, I want to put words commemorate this complex moment. With weeks having flown by but also slowed sticky on the hot asphalt under our tires, it’s hard to understand what time means. But I’ll give reflection a shot, since I’m sure there’s so much more of it to come!

The last few weeks have widened our eyes with the steep spiraling reds of Zion and the Grand Canyon, the impossible expansion of Yosemite, and the (luckily) bearable heat of Death Valley. I’ve got pockets full of sights and experiences that will take weeks to lay on the table. We also finished our last few build days and allocated our grant money to three impressive projects that we hope will continue to change the affordable housing landscape in significant and efficient ways.

But enough business talk- this moment is more about the raging feelings of doubt and accomplishment, confidence and mild terror, familial bond and still a sense of strangeness. Most of it will come out in the wash of the salty water, when the trip is really done and we’re getting our first beers as equals and soon-to-be total individuals. But in this crazy last hour before I sleep, and the last forty miles over the coastal mountains to chilly Monterey, everything still feels quite balanced but tremulous.

As for the next step, I have a flight, one-way, to Tokyo in September. I have a tent, a quilt, a steripen, and various necessities for the trek to LA. I shake off the fear of injury abroad regularly, even though a brush with an RV in Yosemite left me quite shaken though unhurt. I have a few contacts to track down in Asia, and am always welcoming more. And. And. Most importantly. I have two weeks back on the east coast thanks to a cheap plane ticket (ugh, though I hate plane travel for what it does to my knees!) to see my most lovely and loved ones again. I think some processing time is in order.

Thanks to all for your support in getting me this far. I cannot believe what we have done and can barely understand where I am now without staring at a map. Every year has felt like a new life, and this is by far the most challenging and totally saturated of all.

I hope to reorder this site soon to better accommodate photos and the blog, as well as to provide a donation page should you be feeling so inspired. As soon as I have Internet, I’ll try to be on top of my game. For now, this trip isn’t over yet, and while 45 miles a few hours from now is nuthin’, I should go in somewhat rested.

Happy Eve, chrysalis watchers!