It seems I may never actually get time to catch up on posts and photos, at least not while I’m on the road. I would love make this a comprehensive lists of roads and materials so that any aspiring cyclist might be able to glean information and confidence from it. Until I have a stable internet connection and machinery that doesn’t suck like the samsung galaxy tablet (worthless as a blogging tool and for most things- I might bring it up with Samsung in person while I’m there, heck!), that purpose will have to wait.

For now, the news is that I have finished Japan as of today. Two climbs that pedestrians told me were intense proved to be overestimations, and the day passed mostly unevenly fully until I hit that beautiful water at the Fukuoka ferry terminal. The recent sumo tournament had a crowd cheering for the athletes as they entered what I suppose is the arena center. I pretended just a few of them and the colorful flags were there for me.

I have little time to soak in Japan as the ferry to KOREA leaves TOMORROW. By dinner time my passport will have a fresh stamp. I admit, I’m a bit nervous- new language, more mountains, freezing temperatures to date. But, adventure in stride, we’re going in optimistic. At least in Korea you can put your bike on a bus. And it’s just 600 km from point to point, so given ten days it’s hardly the push that Japan was at the end.

Knock on ice-free wood…