Olà! Since I cannot find my iPad- memory card converter to upload photos, I’ll hold off on the big post until I can thoroughly rummage through my bag. For now, all is well at the end of the first week. Leaving Porto today to head north, I’m only two days from Ourense, Spain. Getting through a country so fast is always a surprise, and I seem to be just getting the hang of a few Portuguese phrases as I plunge back into Spanish. Looking forward to it, though!

IMG_9313 IMG_9257 IMG_9219 IMG_9236

To João, Ricarde, and Rivelino (sorry for misspellings!), who made last night a riot, hope to see you again soon. To Melanie, Joey, Grace and German, thank you for being my second and third parents. I didn’t get the guy’s number who helped sort out my bike, but I did take a second day in Porto and had a great time. You helped guide my journey to a happy set of days. I’ll think about Istanbul and maybe see you again in Puerto Rico.

Pictures soon! A España, de amor por Portugal.