I’ve crossed the Pyrenees and finished the trail, and now it’s on to a new journey in a quiet place called Plum Village. Home to Vietnamese mindfulness teacher Thich Nhat Hanh, the Plum Village is located about fifty miles from Bordeaux. Every season students are invited to spend a week at the village to practice in a community of others trying to approach life with awareness and attention, simplicity and intention. I just so happen to be here at the start of a three week retreat on the theme “what happens when we die?” And so a few weeks ago, I booked my place.


For more information on the village, check out There you’ll find more on what mindfulness means to the community here and the background on Thay. Spoiler- Thay gave Martin Luther King Jr. a foundation on peaceful protest. Pretty amazing.

I will not have access to internet during the three weeks there, and I’m sort of excited not to! No offense 🙂 I’ve been a bit more attached to my social media these past few weeks than I’d like to admit.


So, til the other side, here’s a little picture of my European progress. About 1,000 miles in four weeks- not bad work!