I had only heard the name Montenegro a few times in the last few years,and rarely with respect to the actual country. To distinguish it from Monaco or Macedonia would have ended in shrugged shoulders and a scene from a movie that I think was set there. Having crossed its border from Croatia yesterday, I’m practically ready to buy real estate already before this unbelievably beautiful country gets discovered and bought up.

Yesterday held a continuous sequence of good luck moments for us. We began on a side road to the main one, perfectly paved and totally off limits to cars, where we discovered a fig tree flush with ripe fruits. After a mid morning breakfast on these delights, we went only another few miles before turning off in one of the last towns in the country to find a post box. The town hosts folk dances and embroidery displays every Sunday- and guess what today was! We watched the dancing til the end, when one of the youths in the group took my hand for the last waltz. I wasn’t exactly dressed for the occasion in my spandex, but he didn’t seem to notice.

No sooner had I left the dance floor than I spotted a young tall guy astride a fully loaded bike, complete with a map at its handlebars and a number of bags bungee corded atop his rear rack. Lukas rode here from Austria and continues to Greece in our direction, at least for a day. We teamed into three and fought into the wind jovially to the border, stunned by the tall mountains, lush fields, and skinny trees that fenced in herds of grazing sheep.

Without any trouble at the border (almost concerning how easy it was!), we were met by our first beautiful scene of Montenegro. A mammoth black cloud was passing overhead, saturating the greens leading down to the lake. Onward we went, and while we got pummeled with hail and rain, we never despaired. Once the storm passed and we found the lake front, the road snaking its edge proved flat and with an unsurpassed view of the tumultuous waters. Before long and without any strain, we landed in Kotor, what we had planned to come to after two days’ journey, done in one!


Delicious dinner, delicious homemade breakfast- today we tackle the mountains, and do from the lake front, they are no small feat. But we’re just so darn happy, I don’t see a little uphill bringing me down! And if we’re stuck down here forever… Well, so be it.