Greg and I are watching the Mediterranean from the somewhat grungy beachside of Alexandropoulis. It was a short but hot day, and fully satisfied with food, there’s not much else to do but wait for the heat to break. We are to cross into Turkey tomorrow, and then it’s a matter of just days to Istanbul.

I’ve got a job lined up working in a hostel in Istanbul for a month, then a farm outside the city for October. I’m excited to have a base camp for a while and an occupation. After that, who knows, but I expect I’ll be home by Christmas.

Greg and I sleep outside a lot on these warm nights, and it saves a lot of money! Oh being young and having odd priorities… Our needs are well taken care of, and besides a place to crash and chill during the day, we are wont of nothing. We’ll have ten days or so in Istanbul together- guess that buffer period we planned was more than we needed.

You won’t believe our tan lines…