I’ve avoided writing, photographing, and thinking in general the last week as we settled into Istanbul and locked the bikes up for good. But, with our muscles healing and our guts continuing their valiant fight against an onslaught of Turkish coffee, pastry, and cheeses, we have arrived at the end. We’ve stepped foot on the Asian continent. I’ve even booked a flight home.

Until I can sort through and upload some photos, look a the big map, and catch up on journal entries, I’ve more or less forgotten that the last few months were on a bicycle. It seems like I’ve just returned to Istanbul to continue the time I was here last, no thousands of miles unfurled in between. I need to be home to let it sink in and form a new sedimentary layer on the ocean floor of memory building up.

I keep map gazing- Turkey is only another 1,000 miles, and the the horizontal line plunging east gets noticeably closer to where I left off in China. But it can wait. There’s no need to do or become of transform. Here is enough.