I tried to deliberately record the feeling of placing my feet on the Great Wall so that I could go through it again long after I’d left it. I knew that, in the moment, I was only absorbing a fraction of the powerful impact that connecting with such a long human lineage inspires. I loved Japan and crossing Korea, I made it to China, and this ancient rumor of a structure became a solid stone entity around me.

I set out to bike around the world, and I think I’ll get there. So far, the journey has brought to surface and healed rough patches of myself that needed to come out. Pains, hesitations, confusion, self-doubt- I’ve been seeking a direct and gentle confrontation with these, for who knows how long. It brought me to Hermes, gifted an impossible set of serendipities, sent me to a safe path where I could let go of all my fears. And the bliss and wholeness that I expect on the other side of this walk with myself, that is the goal I need to pursue right now.

Until soon, my biking plans are suspended. Travel will continue. Adventure is inevitable. The internal journey rolls on in the deep rivers that have carried me this far. I’ll let you know where I must go next. It’s with the cavalry of support I feel behind me at all times that I know this is the right direction.