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What a way to meet you. I don’t know quite how to start. A virtual hand-shake, some nervous laughter, a little blush. It’s really an honor to have you poking around here.

I wasn’t an athletic cyclist when this plan got started- just a 22-year-old ready to start doing something big. I decided at the start of my last semester of college to really listen to myself describe my future plans- “I don’t want to apply for a grant/get a job/go to medical school yet because I don’t want to have to stay somewhere.” I realized what I was really aching for was a pause from ‘cycles’- of school, of deadlines, of expectation. (Ironically, I decided my best way to venture forward was on a pair of wheels.) I needed to get away and I needed to go somewhere.

What started as an exciting and monumental plan to cycle across country became something much more dangerous and alluring. Once I had the bike, developed the muscles, and gained the trans-Am experience, I figured that I should keep going west. (“Strap paddles to the bike and paddle the ocean, you mean?” I get that question a lot- and it’s got me thinking…) Danger and allure gave way to curiosity and gratitude. And so, 10,000 miles and counting, the tentative route keeps morphing, but that’s life on the road.

I thank my dear two sisters and my unbelievably encouraging parents (and their parents!) for being my roots and wings. My world brightens by the light that a dynamic and compassionate set of friendships has given generously to me. I am joyful to have had great loves, wild freedom, a couple of doses of hard reality, and an uncanny ferocity shape who I am becoming.

From somewhere in the world, I thank you for supporting me in this big pipe dream’s realization. Even if you’re just reading along, I couldn’t have gotten this far without the active interest of people of all sorts, close friends, dear family, and total strangers.

Don’t forget to write!


4 thoughts on “About Lucy

  1. Lucy, I’m so glad that you are taking the bike and build trip. Tells us a lot about the power behind being brought up at HPC. Matt and Tyler thoroughly enjoyed their b/b trips. Fred and I hope that your adventure is just as rewarding as it was to them. Patti Caccavale

  2. Lucy, I am so proud of the adventuresome you!!! I promise to pray for you and follow you through your updates! I love the way you are beginning your journey to being an “agent in the world”.

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