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Arrived in Korea!

And have since tried nearly  every street food available, and it’s all delicious. Tonight I’m posted up in a fantastic hostel, listening to a  Shakespearean torrent whip its winds outside. Glad I’m not camping. And I’m glad to be in a less isolated hotel, with people around the common room to freak out about the intense weather.  Last night’s hotel, after I arrived in the port and found what seemed like a decent place to stay,  gave me my first fright.  At 1 AM, a group of drunk men went down the hall banging on the doors. They hit on mine for a good half a minute or more.  Nothing happened of it,  and I’m proud of how I handled my fear at the time, but it was a shock in the night.

I have already made four acquaintances here,  have learned more first hand of Korea’s recent history, discovered its bustling streets, watched an elderly crowd dance in the subway, and went to the movie theater, so a good first day. If the weather eases up,  I’ll probably start a slow ride toward Seoul tomorrow. It still barely takes 10 days going just 60 km each day, so I expect I’ll enjoy the rides more and may get to Seoul ahead of schedule.