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Deep Breaths


I will be boarding a flight to Tokyo in two hours, and I’m starting to freak out, just a little bit and quietly, in the back of my mind. A full-on freak out will only be unhelpful in the time I have left to prepare, ┬áso I’m trying to keep it under control. But as I repack my panniers and take stock of what I’m bringing to a continent I’ve never seen, I have a small person pacing in my mind exclaiming “What are you doing?!?!” with all the intensity of Christopher Lloyd waiting for Marty as the storm coalesces. If only I could know a little more about what’s in store in thr next few days, weeks, months…

“No! We already agreed that having information about the future can be extremely dangerous. Even if your intentions are good, it can backfire drastically!!”

Alright then, Doc, here goes nothing- Whoooooo wheeeeee whooooo wheeeee. Where we’re going, I hope there are good roads. (See what I did there?)

Hermes’ First Ride


I collected Hermes from Matt’s shop on Friday, and finally got a break from sleeting weather to take it out today for our first ride.

ImageThere’s a lot to get used to on it, since it’s got a completely different shape and specs than any town bike I’ve had before.

Today’s focus was learning how to clip in. I have yet to be tested under a true adrenaline blackout, but I’m getting used to it. The gears are equally tricky, and I’ve not got those under control.


The first of much dirt to come.

Here’s some more pictures of Hermes’ basic frame. I’m still unconvinced by the pedals (they’re so slick on both sides unless I’m clipped in), but everything else feels like it’ll do just fine.


My new lucky charm(ander).



The blog is now hitting Facebook. I am le excite. Hot dog, it’s real!


The Face of Excitement








Not that I judge reality by Facebook, but…