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Early into your trip planning, it can be tempting to look up all the hostels, the prices, the flights, the monuments, etc. It’s how many of us plan vacations and business trips, career moves and family reunions. Adventures, though, appreciate a bit of breath.
Once you’ve landed on a basic idea- cycling across Turkey, sailing the Japanese straits, drinking wine through Italy, settle gently into a few more over-arching questions.

1. What season do you want to travel during? Do you have a start date?

2. What sort of accommodation are you looking at? Tents, hostels, hotels, boats, train cars, family friends?

3. What countries or places will you go through? Sketch out a basic route. Highlight some important sites.

4. Do you want all of it to be open-ended? Are you incorporating any structured tours into your journey?

5. Do you need visas or special preparation to travel to any of the places you’re going to?

However you need to start framing your trip, give it some general structure before you dive into the specifics. If there are specific sights you need to see, pick out four or five top priorities so that if you can’t get to ten or fifteen, you’re sure to see what matters most to you.

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