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There’s dozens of ways to give me a symbol of your support and a dose of courage. I’ve given each one a page to organize all the nitty gritty. Here’s an overview of a few ideas.

  • Send me an email! But not spam. Or sexist/racist jokes. Or stories about people being harmed or murdered on the road. Or a dozen pictures of your dog. Unless it’s really cute.
  • Send me gear! Check out my wish list for some pannier-stuffer ideas. Or contribute to the necessary equipment with an option of autographing the gear with a personal message.
  • Donate to the project! If you want to help me pay for a shower, a meal, or a bribe, the easiest transfer would be through this site:
  • Send me to welcoming hosts! As fun as camping can be, and as cheap as Thai hostels may come, I’d much rather meet your favorite people around the world. Let me know if there’s a roof you recommend (and let them know I’m coming- lack of showers may make me a shocking sight to the unprepared).
  • Come with me! (I dare you… send your queries here)IMG_6893

One thought on “Support Me

  1. Ricky and Ivy barnes

    Hello Lucy
    Our friend Gernan and Grace told us of your endeavour. We would very much like to contribute to your dream. Please let us know how we may be of assistance

    Ivy and Ricky

    Ps grace and German send regards

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