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Are you a little insane?

Sky Diving


Not boiling bunnies insane, or Fox News insane, but the kind of insane that pulls at you every time you pass a highway ramp, wanting to tear off for wherever a few hundred miles might take you?

I’m not talking escapism, which is a very familiar feeling. I’m talking wanderlove– not just wanderlust- that isn’t the need to leave but rather the love for not knowing where you are or where you’re going next. In this case, standing in a Thai paddy field suddenly aware you forgot to worry about getting lost.

If you see this trip, or a segment therein, lining up with where and who you are in your life right now, with who you want to become, I would love to talk with you. While I’m prepared to do this trip solo, I would not turn down the company of a fellow traveler. I have a few gentle preferences, simply in order for us to get along best on the road.

If you:

– like to rough it (wildcamping will be a real and inevitable form of shelter)
– can handle long days (70+ miles) when need be
– can maintain a sense of humor in tough times, don’t throw things when you’re angry, and are free of behavioral problems that might get exacerbated by visa applications, tenting in storms, language barriers and food poisoning
– have some time and a strong sense of adventure

(-bonus: having a working knowledge of Tolkien and viral youtube videos- I tend to make a lot of references)
(- extra bonus: can hold your own on a dance floor)
(- super plus bonus: identify as a feminist)

YOU could be on the road with me sometime this upcoming year. Or if you’re travelling through some part of the journey that might overlap with me, let’s talk. Don’t worry if you aren’t a super-cyclist yet- I’m just getting my pedals wet too.

Send me an email at: I look forward to hearing from you.

2 thoughts on “Come With Me

  1. joao bello moraes

    Lucy i wish the star i give to you brings all the best for you ….. Now more than one month later , i can t not forguet the day you sing for us in the church ….. it was realy amayzing …. i remenber i look at Neil and he was like me , quite beguining to cry ….. thanks for that beautifulll and soo emotional moment……..! alll the best for you …. keep always with your so wonderfulll positive way of life ….. big kiss

    • Reading this made my day here in croatia. I am one month from Istanbul, still singing, still so lucky to meet such kind people like you. I hope you all are well, I thank my stars, my luck for crossing paths with you.

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