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Mid-May until early August 2013

Route Map co Travellers Point Tool

Our Bike & Build team rode from Tallahassee, FL to Monterey, CA, through the American South and Southwest. We journeyed for the cause of affordable housing, cycling through the humid heat and magnificent national parks; raised over $40,000; and spent 18 of our days building houses along the way.

August 2013

California Coastline map

A few week adjusting to a fully stocked bike along the Golden Coast.


September to December 2013

A Map of Japan and Korea

The length of Japan from Shiretoko National Park to Fukuoka, and along the 4Rivers Bicycle Trail of Korea from Busan to Seoul.


May to August 2014

Europe Map

From Lisbon, Portugal around the Mediterranean edge of Europe to Istanbul.

Distant near future: Beijing to Burma, India by bicycle and train, Istanbul to Baku, Azerbaijan. It’ll be a matter of timing, company, and money, but the dream lives on!

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