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Map of Japan

Click the above map to be taken to a complete map tool that you can zoom in on and see all the points of my route. If you want a play-by-play route description, check out the links below, courtesy of mapmyride.

Part I: Hokkaido

1: Shiretoko to Bihoro
2: Bihoro to Sounkyo
3: Sounkyo to Furano
4: Furano to Sapporo
5: Sapporo to Otaru
6: Otaru to Shimamaki
7: Shimamaki to Assabu
8: Assabu to Aomori

Wherein we tackle the mountains, hills, and rolling farmland of the northern island.

Part II: The Main Island, Honshu

9: Aomori to Hirosaki
10: Hirosaki to Kitaakita
11: Kitaakita to Akita
12: Akita to Sakata
13: Sakata to Niigata
14: Sado Island
15: Joetsu to Nagano
16: Nagano to Azumino
17: Azumino to Nakatsugawa
18: Nakatsugawa to Nagoya
19: Nagoya to Hikone
20: Hikone to Kyoto
21: Kyoto to Nara
22: Nara to Kobe Port (*then ferry to Takamatsu)
23: Naoshima Island
24: Takamatsu to Niihama
25: Niihama to Inoshima Island
26: Inoshima to Hiroshima
27: Hiroshima to Shunan (*then ferry to Taketazu Port)


Yes, I steered clear of the Fukushima area while it is still dangerous, but not without acknowledging all that the local people are doing to force the government to acknowledge they have a responsibility to fix the area:


Part III: Kyushu

28: Taketazu Port (on Kyushu) to Beppu
29: Beppu to Buzen
30: Buzen to Fukuoka

Total: ~1,600 miles (2650 km)

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